The fist gay wedding party in Mumbai


A gay couple has held the first wedding party in Mumbai after homosexuality was officially decriminalized in India as the country’s Supreme Court repealed the Colonial-era Section 377 in September 2018. Vinodh Philip, 43, and Vincent Illaire, 47, celebrated their marriage with friends and family at a hotel reception on February 1, almost 2 months after they registered their relationships in France. Illaire is a French native and it was legally possible to celebrate the wedding there but they wanted to celebrate their new status of husbands in India as well. Philip, who founded India’s first LGBT+ choir, Rainbow Voices Mumbai (RVM), said that he came out as gay in Mumbai and it was important for him to celebrate his gay marriage in this city, which made him bold and confident about being an out gay Indian, and many of his friends with whom he wanted to spend his special day also live there. “All we wanted was a quiet little buffet with a bar for drinks on a rooftop where we could meet friends, take pictures and have some quality time chatting and catching up. We’d like to think we are quite down to earth without wanting anything flashy,” he said, “But all this went for a toss when our friends and family did a lot of networking amongst themselves in the background to make it into a grand affair.”


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