Billy Porter appeared on the Oscar red carpet in a dress


Pose and American Horror Story actor Billy Porter appeared on the red carpet with his husband and his outfit was completely defeating gender stereotypes, because what looked as a traditional tuxedo from the top ended with a ball gown-styled skirt. Porter’s tux dress is the work of former Project Runway winner Christian Siriano. Before the red carpet, Porter explained to Vogue that he had always been a big fan of fashion with a huge desire of expressing himself through it. But there were gender stereotypes imposed on him that limited him in self-expression. And as he became more mature, he realized that it was completely wrong. The actor and performer said his role in Kinky Boots set him free and he realized that he could wear high heels and still be a man, just a little bit more liberated than those men who want to do it but can’t because of a fear not to fit certain standards. And being more liberated is a plus, not a minus. “I believe men on the red carpet would love to play more. This industry masquerades itself as inclusive, but actors are afraid to play, because if they show up as something outside of the status quo, they might be received as feminine, and, as a result, they won’t get that masculine job, that superhero job. And that’s the truth. I’ve been confronted with that,” he told the publication.


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