Drag Race star Shangela on why she went to the Oscars in drag


The drag artist, who featured alongside Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born, told Variety before the awards show on February 24th, noting that she does not remember whether drag queens have ever appeared on the Oscars red carpet before her. Even if yes, it is still something new and unusual to see the person in drag at such a ceremon,. And that is why she considered it very important to bring just a little bit of drag visibility and to promote drag culture there. And actually it worked – people on Twitter praised the performer for her stunning red carpet outfit and for being unapologetically herself against all odds. “AS3 WINNER KEEPS ON WINNING I’M SO HAPPY FOR HER,” one fan wrote. “Goes to show you when you’re a humble, kind and lovely human being you reap the benefits!!! Love you @itsSHANGELA,” another added. When asked if she might surprise fans during the show, she joked: “You never know where I’ll pop up, I’m Shangela, okay?”


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