Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper won the Oscar


The queer singer and her co-star from A Star Is Born have performed their multi-awarded duet Shallow at the Oscar ceremony on February 24th and added one more award to their collection. “Shallow” picked up best original song at the Oscars, and Gaga, bursting in tears, said in her acceptance speech that she would never be able to sing this song with anyone rather than Bradley Cooper. Cooper, in turn, thanked his film partner for singing, writing, acting and being so good in all of these. Their fans and celebrity colleagues congratulated Gaga and Cooper with their award and praised their magnificent performance. Tyra Banks said she was “deeply touched” by it. Arrow star Stephen Amell adde4d that seeing and hearing such an amazing duet was probably one of the greatest things that could ever happen and such a performance is one of the best ever seen on the modern television.


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