The statue of Kevin Hart was holding a rainbow flag near the Oscar venue


The Kevin Hart statue sees the star dressed in a suit and holding a LGBT+ rainbow flag. The caption, “Hollow Apology” refers to Hart having stepped down as the host of the Oscar ceremony this year in a wake of a homophobic row in Twitter several years ago. The creator of the life-size golden statue writes on Instagram that it was not meant to offend Mr., Hart, because he has apologized for his behavior repeatedly and it was the only thing he could do. But it was a lesson to others who think that the anti-gay remarks should b4e unnoticed or even accepted by society. LGBT community, as well as other minority groups, have been fighting for many years to be treated as equal, and they have achieved a lot (even though there is still a lot of work to be done), but stories similar to that one with Mr. Hart show that there are some people who are mentally staying in 1970s and they make remarks that push the whole society backwards.


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