People praise trans-themed documentary from Channel 4


Channel 4 documentary The Making of Me, which followed nine people step by step on their transition journeys has been praised by the watchers. The first episode of the three-part show aired on February 11th and it showed stories of three transgender people – Jackie, Cairo and Vicky – and their families and friends for three years as the three matched their inner and outer selves. Twitter users said that they were in awe to these courageous people who found power to be unapologetically themselves even though it was not accepted and out of standard. They made a very hard decision and started a very complicated process. And what is significant in these particular stories is that families have been accepting and supportive towards their trans kids and gave them a lot of love when they needed it the most. It gave an example and a lesson to all the families which deal with one of their nearest and dearest coming out to them as transgender.


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