Campaigners label Tennessee bill on indecent exposure as anti-trans


House Bill 1151 was introduced on February 6 and it proposes expanding the offence of indecent exposure to include any “member of the opposite sex” who enters a single-sex bathroom, locker room, dressing room or shower or any other facility where private parts can be exposed. It will mean a disaster for those trans people whose gender identity is yet to be legally approved, as the bill clearly states that gender dysphoria or any other form of gender confusion is not an excuse for the rule being disobeyed, and by the way, according to the choice of words in the bill the lawmakers behind it liken being trans to a mental health disorder. Republican state representative John Ragan, who introduced the legislation to the House of Representatives, told Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 that he filed the bill for safety of young girls in female bathroom and this issue is personal for him as a grandfather of two girls, but he said that he had nothing against trans people and the bill is not against being trans but against using trans identity too get somewhere where you are not supposed to be.


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