Deadmau5 deletes Twitch account after a homophobic rant


Twitch banned the 38-year-old music producer, real name – Joel Zimmerman, for breaking the service’s rules around hate speech after losing in the online battle game, leading him to remove his account and defend the outburst on Reddit. In a since-deleted statement reported by journalist Rod Breslau, Deadmau5 criticized Twitch for suspending him and denied that his tirade was a hate speech, emphasizing that he was not going to apologize for it. He added that his rant was intended to insult only one particular person, not any group of people or community, he did not believe himself to be homophobic as he did not give a damn (he said it ruder) whom people sleep with. “The sane people who knew that it was in the heat of the moment knew the purpose of the statement, and the people that think otherwise, I’m better off not even knowing and they can just keep way the clear of me,” he concluded. Swear words are omitted.


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