Fans are sure that Elsa is a lesbian as they saw Frozen 2 trailer


Disney fuelled the long-held opinion of queer Frozen enthusiasts, that the ice queen should be written as a lesbian, with the release of a new teaser on February 13. In the two-minute video, Elsa is seen attempting to use her powers to create an icy pathway across the sea, and also blasts a pink-and-purple cloud in colors of bisexual flag to get to some girl with red hair. It might be her sister Anna, but queer fans have another version. The scene also contains a young, blonde character. This may suggest that it’s a flashback to younger Elsa, but also not necessarily. Many Frozen fans have tweeted that Elsa’s clothing choices in the trailer prove her interest in women. According to the fandom, the Queen of Arendelle is attempting to freeze a route through the sea in the trailer in order to get to her female crush.


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