Kansas lawmakers call same-sex marriages a parody


Kansas lawmakers have introduced two marriage bills defining same-sex unions as ‘parody’ to heterosexual ‘elevated’ marriages. Both bills were introduced on February 13th by the group of lawmakers led by Republican Representative Randy Garber. Bill 2321 seeks to establish an optional form of marriage called “elevated.” This involves a heterosexual couple pledging to “heightened standards of commitment,” as their unions are “secular” contrary to “a form of nonsecular marriage that tends to erode community standards of decency”. The bill reads: “The term ‘parody marriage’ refers to so-called marriages between more than two people, persons of the same sex, a person and an animal, or a person and an object.” Actually, all of these, except same-sex marriages, of course, are illegal in the USA in general and in Kansas in part. Bill 2320 also makes a series of bizarre statements, such as defining the LGBT+ community as “a denominational sect that is inseparably part of the religion of secular humanism” that adopted “the gay pride rainbow colored flag to symbolize its faith-based worldview.”


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