Mexican LGBT activist was murdered in his own house


Oscar Cazorla, the LGBT rights campaigner from Mexico, was found dead in his own house on February 9th. Cazorla was well known in Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca for advocating for the rights of muxes, the non-binary people, the story of which in Mexico reaches the Indigenous period before the Hispanic colonization. n 1976, the slain LGBT+ activist was one of the founders of the Vela de las Autenticas Intrepidas Buscadores del Peligro—which roughly translates as the Vigil of the Authentic, Fearless, Danger Seekers—an annual celebration that promotes the respect of muxes in Juchitan—a town of 75,000 people in general and 5000 of muxes. The statement on the group’s behalf confirmed Cazorla’s death stating that all LGBT Mexicans and especially muxes are now mourning and heartbroken. Felina Santiago Valdivieso, the president of the group, underlined that no arrests have been made so far, but this case should be the ring of alarm as anti-LGBT violence is terrifyingly common in Mexico and it is required to take some actions to stop it.


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