Ellen Page was ashamed of touching a woman until 27


Ellen Page dated girls since she started her dating life as a teen. But it was all kept in secret – holding her girlfriend’s hand or cuddling her seemed unacceptable for Ellen if there was even a tiny risk that somebody could see it. She was “making her girlfriends leave buildings through different exits, or hide in hotel bathrooms when room service came,” The Independent reported. Now she understands that it was crazy, but she did not feel comfortable with her lesbian identity up until she turned 27. But as she came out in 2014, things started to change for better, she reveals: “I wasn’t OK, physically, at the time. I had a lot of physical stuff that was happening. I was very susceptible to panic attacks. And coming out, like,” she clicks her fingers, “it was as if I transformed overnight.” Page has since used her platform to advocate passionately for LGBT+ rights and she has been married to a woman, dancer Emma Portner, for a year already.


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