Writer Roxane Gay says that many feminists feel ok to be transphobic


Roxane Gay has hit out at anti-trans feminists, saying that they try to represent womanhood to protect it from being socially marginalized, but it is done only on words. Their actions say the opposite – they are those who marginalize a big part of womankind and feel absolutely comfortable about it. They promote the idea that being trans is a choice, but Gay says that it is unbelievable, considering suicide rates, mental health problems and hate crimes against the transgender people, that someone could have chosen to live like this. “I think a lot of feminists are very comfortable being anti-trans and that’s painful to see because we should know better, having been marginalized as women throughout history and today. How dare we marginalize others now,” said the 44-year-old writer and comedian. Her most recent essay collection, Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture, was published in 2018, it is based on her experience as a bisexual woman who survived the rape and learnt to recover and recreate herself.


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