Actor James Woods was called out for transphobia by a dictionary


The Once Upon a Time in America and Videodrome actor tweeted on February 11th that using a pronoun ‘they’ towards one person would be disobeying the laws of grammar, syntax and spelling. The pronoun usage is a grammatical issue, it dies not refer to spelling anyhow and its connection with syntax is also relative. And even from the point of view of grammar ‘they’ is not necessarily plural. This statement led to the US actor being destroyed by, which quote-tweeted the post on February 12 and wrote that even such classics of literature as William Shakespeare and Jane Austen used gender-neutral pronouns in their art pieces. And if to dig even deeper, the singular ‘they’ can be found in written sources dated back to early XIV century. In another tweet they shared a link to an informative article titled: “It’s OK To Use ‘They’ To Describe One Person: Here’s Why.”


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