BBC Three documentary has highlighted lesbian relationships among sportswomen


The TV show, called Britain’s Youngest Football Boss, follows 19-year-old Jack Sullivan, who is managing director of West Ham United WFC, as his club competes in its first season in the Women’s Super League (WSL)—the UK’s top league for women’s football. The episode 4 of the show was devoted to two Swiss female footballers who played for rivaling teams but it did not stop them from falling in love. West Ham forward Alisha Lehmann and Chelsea striker Ramona Bachmann say that having a common occupation makes them even closer because they understand each other better. If they had girlfriends out of the football world, they would not understand such routine phrases like ‘I can’t go out, I have a training today’. Heartwarmingly, Lehmann admits that Bachman was her “idol” when they first started playing together for the Swiss national team and she was nervous to play alongside such a technical player. Gilly Flaherty, captain of West Ham United WFC, explained: “There’s quite a few openly gay football players, but I think we get quite a lot of openly gay female fans as well. It’s very inclusive.”


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