Switzerland is closer to marriage equality


The House of Representatives Legal Affairs Committee announced it had voted in favor of a draft law setting out the measures and is launching a consultation process on redefining the concept of marriage in the country’s Constitution and extending it to include same-sex couples. Currently same-sex couples in Switzerland have the same legal rights as opposite-sex couples, but their unions are not called marriages, they have only an option to register a civil partnership. If one of the civil partners is a foreigner, their relationship status does not influence a process of gaining a Swiss citizenship (though heterosexual marriage does). Civil partners are limited in parenting options, they are not allowed to have children via adoption or to use assisted reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination for lesbian couples. But the issue of same-sex parenting is also to be reconsidered in the nearest future. Whether sperm donation should be allowed for married lesbian couples is being discussed by the committee, but opponents argue this is unfair towards male couples, who are currently not allowed to use a surrogate and donated eggs.


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