Trans kids’ book ‘Julian is a Mermaid’ has been awarded


Waterstones Children’s Book Prize is handed by British institution Waterstones in 2005 to “to uncover hidden talent in children’s writing,” for authors who have no more than 3 published books. On its shortlist this year is Love’s book, Julian is a Mermaid, which follows the titular child as he sees women dressed as mermaids on the New York subway and tried to look like them. As his granny notices it, she takes Julian to the Mermaid Parade. Jessica Love, the book’s creator, wrote it over the course of five years after realizing there was a limited number of books about genderqueer kids. She also sai9d that a book was inspired by her close friend, who is a trans man, but he was in late 50s when he started transitioning, as his childish claims that he wanted to be a boy were not considered serious and he had never even heard that there is such thing as transgender people, because children were not educated about it.


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