Dolly Parton responded to rumors around her sexuality


Dolly Parton has already celebrated the golden anniversary of her marriage with a man named Carl Dean, but the immense support the legendary singer gives to her LGBT admirers (including her pansexual goddaughter Miley Cyrus) still makes people gossip that the country icon might be queer herself. She has often been noticed with her best friend Judy and people started to rumor that they might have a secret lesbian affair. But Parton said that people love rumors, especially when you are famous, it is impossible to stop people from spreading rumors, but she sees no need in seeking excuses – if people want to talk, they will talk, and the best tactic in this case is not to bother. As for Judy, they have been BFFs from the earliest childhood and their friendship lasts for more than 6 decades already. If it seems strange for someone that a friendship can last so long, then these people have never had real friends in their lives, and it is their problem, not Dolly’s. She added: “I’ve been married for 53 years, come this May, to the same man. We first met when I moved to Nashville, we married two years later and we’re still at it,” she said


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