Online platform for LGBT Christians Is launched in UK


The Open Church Network (OCN) — an online space for pro-LGBT+ Christians — is to challenge the idea that being a Christian means being anti-LGBT, as the majority of modern Christians, especially youth, are ready to show love and support to their LGBT brothers and sisters in Christ. The Open Church Network — organized by Christian Charity Oasis — is using a series of roadshows to take this message to people across the UK. It will show the LGBT Christians that they can be accepted the way they are and if they were rejected and kicked out from their previous church, it is not a reason to become an atheist, it is not a reason to think that you were not the one Jesus died for, it is not a reason to think that God turns His back to you when a homophobic pastor or priest does. Being LGBT is not anti-Christian (though the Bible recommends to avoid gay sex, only sex as a physical act, there is no single word that would state that it is bad for a man to love a man and for a woman to love a woman, trans people are not mentioned in the Bible at all), but hating and rejecting people for just who they are IS anti-Christian. So LGBT people should know that God loves them and even if the whole world is against them, they can come to God’s house and there will always be place for them.


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