Singer Robyn showed same-sex love in her new video


The video for “Send to Robin Immediately” begins with a group of people dancing in slow motion in a forest. The video is based on couples that express love by dancing, cuddling and kissing. And one of the couples in this video happens to be a same-sex couple. The two men are shown embracing and kissing in one shot in the music video, and are later shown standing in a lake together. Robyn, who released her album called Honey last year, has a huge LGBT fanbase, so her listeners praised her for LGBT inclusion in the video. And this is not the only way for Robyn to express her support to the rainbow community. The singer is currently working on the gender-neutral clothing line with Bjorn Borg. The official website describes it as “a modern unisex collection” that presents “a mixture of edgy sportswear and street fashion.” She said she was initially embarrassed by her mother’s shaved head, and was frustrated by her “masculine” name and short haircut, which led people to mistake her for a trans man, but later she understood how great it is to be able to challenge stereotypes


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