Andrew Moffat is only UK finalist for Global Teacher Prize


Primary school teacher Andrew Moffat, who educates children about LGBT+ rights and issues, is the only UK finalist for the prestigious Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize. The video announcement featured an LGBT ally and a movie star Hugh Jackman who said that the job of a teacher is undoubtedly heroic because only thanking to what they do the world has a chance to change for better. Moffat, who is openly gay, is being recognized for his “No Outsiders” program, promoting inclusion, diversity and resistance to bullying. “This is a resource that helps school and gives schools a framework through which to teach children that we are all different but actually that’s fantastic,” the openly gay teacher says about the program that turned him into a target for abuse himself. Moffat said in a video showcasing his work at Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, published on the website of the Global Teacher Prize and on YouTube that teaching children about diversity is still a challenge. The video also features interviews with parents of the Parkfield Community School’s pupils, who express support for Moffat’s work.


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