Karamo Brown thought he was just laughed at when found out he had a child


Writing in his book Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope, the Fab Five member opened up about the moment in 2006 when he found out that there was a 10-year-old boy who is bloodily related to him. His initial reaction was ‘Is it a joke?’, but it was not. When he read that the mother of the boy named Jason was his high school friend Stephanie Brooks, who he had sex with when he was 15, he splat the juice he was drinking as he was really freaked out. “A little voice in my head was saying: ‘Karamo, you don’t have to do this.’ You’re a child, and you’re supposed to go in there and raise a child? Run for your life,” he said. But then he understood that this little creature was not to blame for his past mistakes and as any child in this world Jason needed a dad. “There’s something about the first moment of seeing your child,” Brown explained. “All the pieces of me that I felt were missing got sewn up the minute I saw his face. I looked at this little fourth-grade boy, and I thought, I can do this,” said Karamo. He also found out that Stephanie had one more son named Christian, who also started calling him daddy, even though they were not biologically related, and Brown is now legally a father of two and he loves it.


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