Taiwan creates same-sex marriages bill


Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to take some steps to marriage equality being legally approved. The bill, which according to Taiwanese news site Up Media is called “Interpretation and Enforcement of Act No. 748 of the Court,” has been created to follow a 2017 court ruling that demanded the parliament to legalize same-sex marriages no later than by May 24th. If it does not happen, same-sex couples in Taiwan will become the first in Asia who are legally allowed to wed. The parliament is expected to vote on the bill in May, ahead of the deadline. Premier Su Tseng-chang, who is in charge of Taiwan’s cabinet, posted a message on Facebook to claim that he is pro-LGBT and supports the bill completely. He viewed homosexuality as a natural and inborn issue which cannot be transmitted or changed, some people are just born gay and they deserve the same rights as any other human beings. “I also want to say to fellow countrymen, whether you are heterosexual or gay: we are all in the same country, all together live on this land, all in the same heavens and the earth,” he wrote.


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