Anti-gay Fox News pundit is accused of sexual misconduct


The Boston Globe reported sexual misconduct allegations against psychiatrist Dr Keith Ablow, a former frequent Fox News contributor, who is known for his opposition to LGBT rights. In part he said that the concept of marriage had lost all its sense when it was extended to include same-sex couples. The patients, who were seeking treatment for depression, allege that Ablow abused his authority in order to pursue sexual relationships. Such accusations came from at least three former patients of the married doctor. Three further women, who worked for Ablow, have also filed affidavits alleging sexual harassment. One New York patient of Ablow alleges that he would refer to her as a “slave” and forced her to sex, during which he was beating her. He denied accusations and Fox News distanced itself from the disgraced psychiatrist stating that he had not been attending their shows for a while. Ablow’s attorney said: “Dr. Ablow has been a respected and highly regarded psychiatrist who has for decades helped countless patients. He denies any and all allegations of improper behavior or substandard care in their entirety.”


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