Evangelicals are irritated about the plans to decriminalize homosexuality globally


Tony Perkins, who serves as a faith adviser to Trump and sits on his religious freedom commission, questioned who authorized the campaign and whether Donald Trump as the President is personally related to it. It is, by the way, quite unlikely, because when a journalist asked Mr. Trump about it, he replied that he had no idea what he meant. “Despite what some on the Left claim, we are not advocating for their return. But that does not mean we should engage in ‘cultural imperialism’ by imposing policies that were imposed upon us by our Court on other countries with different cultures, traditions, and values,” the pro-Trump evangelical has written in his blog. Perkins has been a vocal opponent of LGBT rights and he is the founder of anti-LGBT Family Research Council that advocates for using religion as an excuse for discrimination against gay people applying for goods and services.


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