Judge allowed USA citizenship to the son of binational gay couple


A California judge has granted US citizenship to a twin son of a gay married couple, after the US government had only granted the status to his brother because he was bloodily related to the American citizen and the other boy was not. But the judge ruled that Ethan Dvash-Banks deserves to be granted citizenship as well as his brother Aiden, because their parents are legally married. Andrew and Elad Dvash-Banks, the boys’ parents, had sought citizenship for Ethan, as the government had only granted these rights to Aiden on the basis of the DNA. Aaron C. Morris, executive director of Immigration Equality and one of the lawyers representing the family, told LA Times that that the decision was celebrated as now the twins, who are loved equally, will also be treated equally by the country they live in. Andrew Dvash-Banks was studying in Israel in 2008 when he met Elad. The couple had planned to move to California, but same-sex marriages were not legal at the time, so the couple settled in Canada where they married in 2010. Their sons were born in September 2016 and the family since moved to Los Angeles


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