Trans non-binary couple is expecting


Reuben and Jay, from Brighton, had started a GoFundMe in April 2018 to raise the necessary funds for fertility treatment. Reuben required donor sperm and a fertility clinic to undergo the intrauterine insemination. They have always wanted to be parents and considered adoption first, but the British adoption laws are too binary and heteronormative, so they were legally unable to adopt. As a result of crowdfunding they underwent one procedure and failed, but then they decided to take one more try and Reuben got pregnant successfully. Jay was the one who shared the news via Twitter attaching the ultrasound picture of the baby. “Already getting their selfie game strong, just look at that profile!” they wrote. Jay also had a thankful message to those who donated money to help them and their partner: “Would like to take this chance to thank anyone who’s RT’d, contributed to or shared our fertility fundraiser. I honestly don’t know how we could have pulled this off without the support we got, financially and emotionally. Can’t begin to put it into words. We’re just so grateful.”


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