Lesbians were abused for being mothers


Lesbian parents in Hull received an anonymous letter telling them that for people like them it was wrong and immoral to raise a child. Vikki and Stephanie Parkey, who are married, found the unsigned letter posted through their letter box. The letter was printed and it was written on behalf of the citizens of the city district who recommended the women and their 1.5-year-old baby girl to move to ‘more appropriate city area’ as they strongly disapproved having a same-sex couple as their neighbors, especially considering that fact that they were mothers, and this went beyond their morality. The lesbian parents were shocked to receive the message, as they have always been supported by their closest neighbors throughout their parenting journey from their first IVF cycle up until now. “We just couldn’t believe it. It was very hurtful, but this is just one a**hole, well hopefully, just one a**hole, who is doing this,” Vikki told Hull Live. And the neighbor who lives next door to them confirmed these words.


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