Plebs actor Ryan Sampson is gay


The 33-year-old, who plays Grumio in the sitcom Plebs, said he had received messages on Instagram accusing him of homophobia, and to this he responded with a really adorable picture of himself and another man with whom he must be romantically connected. The photo was posted by the actor on Twitter on February 20th with a caption: “Hi y’all. So. I was on Instagram and I looked at my direct messages and it turned out someone was trying to rope me in to some (pretty creaky) homophobic banter. Huh! So, for clarity, here’s a pic of me and the boyf. Just to, y’know… straighten that one out. As it were.” Sampson is known for playing various roles in the comedy sketch show Glitchy. He also appeared in the comedy After You’ve Gone. He also appeared in the Netflix hit The Crown, as well as two episodes of Doctor Who. He had never revealed his sexuality before.


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