Ruth Hunt dismisses all the theories on why she leaves


Stonewall head Ruth Hunt announced her departure from Stonewall in a statement and thanked everybody for sending her love and support. “I’ve also REALLY enjoyed the conspiracy theories about my departure AFTER 14 YEARS. I know it’s hard to believe, in this day and age, but sometimes things are exactly as described,” the lesbian CEO continued, also explainmning that trans rights backlash inside and outside Stonewall cannoot be viewed as a reason of her quitting as well. Her tweets came after The Sunday Times published an article in which they claimed that Hunt had stepped down because gay and lesbian activist of Stonewall had disapproved her trans rights policy. Screenwriter Maureen Chadwick is named as one former Stonewall supporter who, along with her partner Kath Gotts, stopped donating to the group due to their support for trans rights. The article quotes two other people making similar complaints without naming them—it’s not explained why these sources are given anonymity.


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