Teacher was fired after coming out to students as bisexual


Nicholas Breiner believes he was let go as a choral teacher at J.B. McNabb Middle School, in the town of Mount Sterling, because he opened up about his sexuality, according to USA Today. He did it because one of his students confessed to him that she was gay and it made her want to take her own life (not the confession but realizing her attraction to girls). This, Breiner said, prompted him to publicly come out in an emotional Instagram post, as there is nothii9ng wrong in being LGBT and his students should have known they were not alone in it. Three days after the Instagram post, Breiner claims he was ordered to the principal’s office, asked about his sexuality by a deputy school superintendent and warned that he should not have come out. A few weeks later, he was reportedly told his contract with Montgomery County Public Schools would not be renewed. Breiner has filed a federal lawsuit against Montgomery County schools, but the suit was dismissed last month on the grounds that the US doesn’t have a federal law banning anti-LGBT discrimination. He is appealing the ruling.


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