The neighbors of abused lesbian mothers wave rainbow flags in support


As we reported earlier today, a lesbian couple and their 1.5-year-old daughter have received an anonymous letter in which they were told that their neighbors could not stand an ‘immoral’ lesbian family next to them. But their actual neighbors had an opposite message to the women. A lesbian couple in Hull, that lives in the district for 6 years already, has received a wave of support from their community that states that in the modern society it is possible and even necessary to support same-sex families and their children. Signs have been fixed to windows in the area with messages like: “Who you love does not define you. We are all exactly the SAME!” and “We are a GAY household!” One resident told BBC News: “I wish I could put more bunting up,” while another said: “We are absolutely disgusted.You could not wish for nicer neighbors.” Local rugby club Hull Kingston Rovers also invited the partners to bring the match ball out before the team’s match against Salford Red Devils


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