X-factor singer Bradley Hunt siurvived a homophobic attack


Singer Bradley Hunt has revealed to his youtube watchers that he had been approached by a stranger who strongly disliked the way he danced to Britney Spears’s song in one of the nightclubs in the British capital. Hunt said he thought the man was trying to show off to some girl, and told himself: “Babes, the girls are loving my dancing. Like, they ain’t bothered at you trying to put me down, you ain’t gonna get a girl that way. Just saying.” What he actually answered was simply: “Don’t tell me what to do.” And it was enough for the attack to turn physical and for two more men joining the thug in beating Hunt, who claimed to have never been beaten before. Hunt said that he called the police to report the attacker, who was arrested and spent a night in jail, “but other than that nothing really happened.” He said that this attack happened a few years ago, it was not the first experience of homophobia for him, and definitely not last, but it is something that he still cannot forget and he thinks that things lik this should never repeat


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