Youtuber Lilly Singh has come out as bisexual


The Canadian YouTuber, who has more than 14 million subscribers, tweeted on Sunday February 24: “Female, Colored, Bisexual,” adding that the society tried to teach her that these are obstacles but now she is mature enough to understand that the unique features of her personality can and should be viewed as superpowers. “No matter how many ‘boxes’ you check, I encourage you to do the same x ❤” added the youtube star whose videos were watched for more than a billion times. Supporters of the YouTube star welcomed her revelation. Lesbian YouTuber Hannah Hart, who has more than two million subscribers, wrote: “I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!.”And bisexual video producer Ashly Perez commented: “WELCOME TO THE WORLD’S HOTTEST CLUB #20BITEEN.” Natasha Negovanlis, the pansexual star of supernatural YouTube series Carmilla, responded with a GIF that was subtitled: “yaaaaaaassssss.”Singh paid tribute to her fans after this positive response, tweeting that she was very grateful for all this love and it means a lot for her.


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