Anti-LGBT discrimination costs a lot for Kenya


A culture of anti-LGBT discrimination could be costing Kenya up to $1.3 billion a year, a new report claims. The report from the pro-LGBT Open for Business coalition sets out the economic case for LGBT+ inclusion in Kenya, after the country’s Supreme Court delayed a much-anticipated ruling that could finally repeal the disgraced colonial-era law criminalizing homosexuality in this African country and possibly implement some protective measures against discrimination on the basis of sexuality or gender identity. Kenya’s tourism industry, which drives much of the country’s services sector, is missing out on an estimated $64 million to $140 million in revenues due to the country’s national reputation on the issue, with LGBT+ travelers and allies preferring other destinations. Anti-LGBT discrimination in employment is directly connected to unemployment, low working productivity and wage gap. By far the biggest impact of anti-LGBT discrimination on Kenya’s economy comes in healthcare costs, particularly from the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.


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