Don Lemon says all his haters are homophobic racists


The news anchor spoke about his identity as a black gay man while speaking to students at Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics on February 22. He said that there are many people who show negativity to him only because of his sexuality and race. “A lot of the criticism of me is warranted. Other times I think it’s based in homophobia, a lot of it, and I think a lot of it is also based in racism. I tend not to pay attention to that, and let things roll off my back,” said Lemon, who also calls himself a unicorn in prime time news because racial and sexual diversity is almost not represented in this sphere. “I’m black, and I’m gay. Black folks have a certain expectation of me—many feel that I should represent all black people, and it’s the same thing with gay people,” Lemon said, adding that he is very proud to be a black gay man but he still feels pressure from society about it.


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