Ellen Page says transgender people are dehumanized


Ellen Page has spoken out for transgender rights, responding to a growing anti-trans backlash. She told Gay Times that such a backlash is unfortunately and surprisingly common within the LGB community. People prefer to omit the T, to erase transgender people from where they are supposed to belong to. But transgender people are in danger in society – they are verbally and physically abused, raped and murdered, and their queer brothers and sisters should protect, not reject them. Addressing concerns about transgender women being a danger to women’s spaces, Page highlighted that the same rhetoric was used towards WSW (women having sex with women) several years ago – if a woman is attracted to women then she possibly can assault them. But it did not work this way and it still does not work this way, people are people first of all. Some of them might be predators, but it does not mean that they or are or their sexuality\ gender identity can be viewed as a sign of being a predator


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