LGBT-inclusive SRE to be officially introduced from next year


Schools in England will teach LGBT-inclusive relationship and sex education starting 2020, the Department of Education announced as a part of the school curricula reform in the country that is going to be more focused on mental and physical health issues being taught, as well as relationships aspects. The curriculum will adapt according to the pupils’ age—primary schools pupils will receive relationships education, while secondary school students will learn about relationships and sex education (RSE) and this is going to be updated for the first time for almost 2 decades. Now it is going to include discussing LGBT+ relationships and identities as well as issues such as sexual abuse online, FGM, and menstrual health. A Department of Education spokesperson believes that primary school students are already able to understand the diversity in family models. As for secondary school, it’s time to teach about the danger of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.


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