Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte claims that 4/10 rebels are gay


Rodrigo Duterte has come under fire after claiming that “40 percent” of Communist rebel fighters in Philippines were gay. The leader asked supporters at a campaign event in Laguna: “Did you know that 40 percent of NPA (New People’s Army) fighters are gay?” according to Filipino newspaper The Philippine Star. The president also accused the Communist Party, which is admitted to be terroristic, of targeting his son Sebastian because there are certain members that, as he believes, want to seduce him. Duterte told the crowd that while recounting the story to his father, Sebastian had claimed: “Four NPA rebels brought me to an area filled with coconut trees. All of them kissed me.” The president has been slammed for these comments by Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison, who is in exile. He said that the party, of course, accepts gay men, because there is no ruling which would say it does not, but there is no statistics of how many of them are there and a story about Sebastian is totally made up.


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