Billy Porter tells those who did not like his red carpet outfit that they may not look


Pose and American Horror Story star Billy Porter has a defiant response to people criticizing his show-stopping tuxedo gown at the Oscars telling Associated Press that he did not choose this outfit to please anybody rather than himself. He understands that people may not like it, but they were not supposed to, so why not to go somewhere else and to look at something or someone they like instead of causing a wave of anger and hate. “I’m inside of my authenticity and the whole point is that you have to respect me as much as I respect you,” he added, noting that he is not going to forbid people to write hateful comments about him, but he always has an option not to react on it. The outfit was designed by Christian Siriano and Porter said he wanted to make a political statement about masculinity—particularly black masculinity—with his look. “It goes all the way back to the earliest of emasculations, which is slavery, so the only way to sort of overcome that is to be the strongest and the most masculine and the most powerful and now, [that] has become toxic. And I don’t think it’s just black people. I think it’s men in general. Every ethnicity has their version of it,” said the actor


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