Fox News contriubutor Tomi Lahren accused men in dresses of attacking masculinity


Billy Porter garnered worldwide attention and praise for his tuxedo dress, but Tomi Lahren was not one of the admirers. “Yes, men are now wearing dresses on the red carpet to stick it to masculinity. Welcome to Lala Liberal Award Show season 2019,” she wrote noting that she sees it as an attack on masculinity from the liberals. Porter stunned in his tuxedo gown on Sunday, but he wasn’t alone in defying gender conventions. Drag queen Shangela also walked the red carpet in a dress, while stars including Amy Poehler and Awkwafina wore pantsuits. Porter explained he chose to wear the dress in order to be “a walking piece of political art every time I show up. To challenge expectations.” He did not deny willing to challenge the stereotypical masculinity as it was limiting him when he was a child who wanted to express himself in different ways. Many Twitter users called out Lahren’s logic, pointing to the culture of toxic masculinity that genuinely harms men.


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