Jerusalem pizzeria is fined for refusing to serve a gay man


Sammy Kanter alleged that he was denied service at Ben Yehuda Pizza in Jerusalem, Israel, during the week of the city’s Pride festival in August 2018. He said that the employee had looked at his T-shirt and asked whether he was gay. Getting the affirmative response, he told the man to leave. The student launched legal action against the pizza shop over the discriminatory treatment, and this week Jerusalem Small Claims Court supported him with its ruling. According to the Israel Religious Action Center, the court has ordered the pizza shop to pay 16,000 shekels ($4,500 USD) in damages to Kanter. “After going through the trial and winning, I now feel like I truly belong here, to know that discrimination based on sexual orientation is truly against the law,” he commented the ruling. Homophobic discrimination was outlawed in the country almost two decades ago, but its society remains strict, religious and very conservative.


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