Mike Pence aide Marc Short called gay people perverted


Vice President Mike Pence’s new chief of staff Marc Short once wrote a column that described gay sex as “repugnant” and said that ‘sodomites’ were to blame for diseases like HIV, as he believes it would have never happened if they did not ‘promote their perverted lifestyle’. Marc Short, who was 22 at the time, wrote in the resurfaced column that gay victims of the AIDS crisis did not deserve being glorified or called brave because there was no need in ‘celebrating anal intercourses’. In the column for the W&L Spectator, Marc Short claimed that “gay activists” were engaged in “fraud” to win funding for AIDS treatments, adding: “Why should sodomites be granted preferential treatment?” He said that such a ‘fraud to destigmatize the perverted lifestyle’ had affected every taxpayer in America, especially those who suffered from diseases the treatment of which was not founded. At the time of the column’s publication in March 1992, approximately 92,000 people had died in the US as a result of the AIDS crisis, while a further 23,411 would die that year.


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