Terrence Higgins Trust accused The Sun of misleading people about HIV


Charity Terrence Higgins Trust has called The Sun’s headline about an HIV-positive woman and her partner starting a family “irresponsible and inaccurate.” The headline read that the man risked his life having unprotected sex with her because they planned kids. In response to The Sun, Terrence Higgins Trust—which provides services for and campaigns on behalf of HIV-positive people—tweeted that if a woman named Sasha was on treatment then she did not cause any risk to her boyfriend because she did not transmit the virus. “Headlines like this undermine all the work to promote the message that those on effective HIV treatment #CantPassItOn.” The quote “risked his life” does not appear in the body of The Sun‘s article anymore, the headline has been rewritten. The spokesperson on the newspaper’s behalf said that the initial headline was based not on their views but on the interviews of people who knew Sasha and her beloved. They admitted the necessity to change it not to mislead the readers.


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