Trans troops’ treatment won’t affect military budget much


USA Today published data allegedly obtained from the Pentagon regarding transgender troops in the military, as the Trump administration is proceeding tpo legally ban them. According to the outlet, there are around approximately 1,500 transgender troops across US military service, comprising a tiny fraction of the total 2.1 million military personnel. In the active-duty forces, there are 500 transgender troops in the Army, 442 in the Navy, 354 in the Air Force, 101 in the Marine Corps, and 33 in the Coast Guard, USA Today said. The alleged Pentagon data shows that since 2016, just $2 million was spent on surgery for transgender troops—with the cost over three years amounting to just 0.0003 percent of the military’s 2019 budget of $716 billion. The total cost of treating transgender troops over three years amounts to less than one hundred-thousandth of the country’s financial supply for a year, it counts just 0.001 percent of the planned military budget. Brad Carson, who used to work for Pentagon until 2016, told USA Today that the cost is so marginal that it “is dwarfed by the treatment cost of virtually any ache and pain you can think of.”


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