United Methodist Church voted to ban LGBT


United Methodist Church members voted against allowing congregations to conduct same-sex weddings and hire openly LGBT+ clergy. Delegates at the worldwide United Methodist General Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, then voted in favor of some other anti-LGBT measures and recommendations for those who are against these measures to either change their opinions or leave the church at all. The passage of the “Traditional Plan” reportedly means Methodist churches and clergy could be removed from the second-largest Protestant denomination in the US if they don’t provide an official statement to confirm that they disapprove LGBT rights in general and same-sex marriages in part by 2021. Methodists voted 449 to 374 to defeat an inclusive “One Church” proposal that would have allowed local congregations to decide on whether to allow same-sex weddings and LGBT+ clergy themselves. The Traditional Plan was backed by a vote of 438 to 384. The former pastor Rebecca Wilson who was forced to leave the church because she is a lesbian feels devastated about such a decision and still hopes that one day the church will start spreading love instead of hate.


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