10-year-old asked to add a lesbian storyline to Donald Duck comic books


The Dutch Donald Duck comic books will include a lesbian couple for the first time, after a girl named Fenna from the Netherlands, who has two moms, wrote a letter asking for it. For 66 years the comic book has been published in her country, and the girl is upset that for all these years there has never been a family like hers. She suggested they make the change “just for the characters in the background,” adding: “You see lots of couples, a few of those extras could be gay.” Speaking to NOS, Donald Duck editor-in-chief Joan Lommen said that he completely understands Fenna and it is not hard to provide the changes she asks for in the nearest future. The publisher has already made a tweak thanks to Fenna’s request, changing a cartoon in an upcoming comic. The panel had already been drawn, featuring a man and a woman on a date surrounded by hearts—but was altered to a lesbian couple.


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