Anti-trans activists called trans lingerie fashion show pornographic


A group of protesters led by trans-exclusionary radical lesbian feminist Julia Long picketed the launch of the world’s first lingerie collection for transgender women by designer Carmen Liu that was shown to the public for the first time on February 28th in London’s Glaziers Hall, an event venue along the South Bank of the River Thames. The group of about eight protesters of various ages congregated at the entrance of the venue, holding banners and wearing matching lingerie sets on top of their clothes to show that clothes don’t make women women. Of course they don’t. Identity does. The role you take in society does. The way a woman represents herself does. And this argument is rather for transgender womanhood than against it. But Long does not think so. “I don’t go around wearing this kind of gear, as you can imagine,” she said, “We’re not saying what’s wrong or right about [wearing a sexy underwear], we are saying this is a fetishistic view of womanhood that comes straight from pornography.”


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