Cottonelle defends gay ad in spite of backlash


The 15-second commercial first went out in February and candidly promotes “down there care.” It sees an anxious-looking man sitting on a chair as he is supposed to meet the family of his male beloved before the voice-over encourages him to “give his booty a confidence boost” and “become the guy he takes home to mother.” Conservative Twitter users said that the toilet paper is neither straight, nor gay, nor bi. Of course, it is true, but not everybody was polite and accepting about the ad – they labeled homosexuality as nasty and disgusting that does not deserve to be normalized. To one Twitter user who revealed the ad had turned them into an “un-customer,” Cottonelle responded: “Here at Cottonelle Brand, diversity is embraced in all aspects and we are proud to share a commercial that is representative of that. Thank you for reaching out,” adding that the company believes that being clean in all meanings is the brand’s key idea, and hate is not a sign of being morally clean.


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