Drag queens protest on boarder to help asylum seekers


A group of drag queens organized a protest along the US-Mexico border wall in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley with a noble goal to raise money for LGBT asylum seekers. The protest, dubbed the “No Border Wall Protest Drag Show,” took place at the Alice Wilson Hope Park in Brownsville, Texas. This is how they demonstrated their opposition of the idea of the President Donald Trump to build a wall on the border with Mexico. “Ultimately our goal is to use the beauty of drag, art and performance against the hateful, racist and xenophobic rhetoric that is being projected unto our communities,” read the post promoting the event on Facebook, hosted by drag queen Beatrix Lestrange, aka Joe Colon-Uvalles II. The drag queen said that all asylum seekers deserve being treated according to the law and justice, especially noting for marginalized groups of people, like LGBT, itr is usually much harder to gain asylum when they need it, that is why LGBT asylum seekers deserve special attention.


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